Heating And Furnace Service Gets And Keeps You Warm

While it doesn’t get really cold here very often, extreme cold can be a safety issue, especially for children or the elderly members of your household. When you allow professionals to carefully maintain your heating system and furnace, you’re doing the right thing to extend the life of your components and ensure that you stay warm and comfortable no matter how low the temperatures drop. At Xtreme Air Services, our pros are experts at getting the most from old systems and making sure new systems run at peak efficiency. When you need heating and furnace service in Dallas, Fort Worth or anywhere in North Texas, turn to us.

Consider A Preventative Maintenance Agreement

Rather than scheduling a single visit from us, consider allowing us to provide you a heating and air conditioning preventive maintenance agreement. When you have this valuable agreement in place, an experienced professional will come to your home each spring and fall to make sure your system is working its best. Services performed include:
  • Checking to make sure the thermostat is level and calibrated for proper warming
  • Cleaning or replacing the furnace filter
  • Checking all low voltage wiring connections for bad transformers, fuses or other concerns
  • Checking line voltage connections, which can overheat a system if there are problems
  • Checking furnace grounding
  • Checking the igniter to ensure the system fires up when you need it
  • Checking the burner box for corrosion, rust or soot
  • Checking for carbon monoxide leaks
  • And more.
Preventive maintenance on a furnace by a heating technician

We Handle It All So You Can Be Safe And Warm

We also give a close look to the burners, flame sensor, inducer motor assembly, all limit and safety switches, the blower motor and assembly, the condensate line trap, the venting, the ducts and everything else necessary to ensure safety and proper function. It’s all part of the system tune-up we provide as part of our preventive maintenance agreement. If you have a heat pump system, we check refrigerant levels, wash the pump coil, check the defrost board, electrical circuits and more as well.
Every system needs service, and every home or business needs a company that can perform this service well. In the Dallas area, Xtreme Air Services is here for you. Why not contact us now to schedule your first service?


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