When It’s Cold Outside, Trust Xtreme For Heating & Furnace Repair

Texas isn’t usually all that cold, but Texans aren’t very used to cold weather either. When temperatures take a nose dive and your heating system or furnace doesn’t work, things can get really uncomfortable. And for vulnerable children and the elderly, things can get dangerous. Depend on Xtreme Air Services for same-day service from licensed, bonded, insured and carefully trained professionals.

When It’s Time For Professional Heating & Furnace Repair

Whether your Dallas area heating system is gas, electric or even oil (uncommon here in Texas), it will eventually need repair or replacement. We can assess, diagnose and repair or replace any system operating today. And we arrive at your home or business fully stocked to get the job done quickly.
Here are some symptoms that indicate it’s time for a heating system or furnace repair by one of our expert technicians:
  • Your home or business is colder than the thermostat setting
  • Some rooms are cold while others are warm, hot or about right
  • You detect a gas or rotten egg odor when the furnace is on
  • The heating system won’t turn off no matter what you do
  • The pilot light does not appear to be lit
  • You notice a squeak, loud noise or other sound that wasn’t there before.
Furnace is being repaired by a heating technician

Your Problem Could Be A Dangerous Emergency

Some of these issues could be emergencies due to leaking gas or electrical shorts, so please contact us right away. We’re here when you need us and offer appointments until midnight. Emergency service is available 24 hours a day. Rather than waiting for a situation to get worse or a problem to become even more dangerous, simply contact us now.

You’ll be in touch with a live person who can dispatch a trained technician to your home or business right away. We’ll then inspect, diagnose and take action, offering you options that may involve several repair choices or system or component replacement. Once the final plan is in place, depend on Xtreme Air Services to get the work done quickly, accurately and with as little disruption as possible. What more can you ask?


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