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Wood Fence Repair or Replacements Made Easy By Xtreme Air Services 

Wood fencing offers many benefits that make it a popular choice for homeowners.  A well-built wood  fence rarely needs wood fence repairs and offers a traditional look that blends well with backyard landscaping. Wood fence panels are designed for privacy, allowing you to enjoy your backyard with peace of mind. Cedar is one of the best choices for residential wood fencing in the Dallas/Ft Worth area: It holds up well to our sunny skies, summer and winter seasonal temperatures, rain, wind and all the other elements typical to the DFW Metroplex weather.  So whether you need a wood fence repair or full replacement give Xtreme Air Services a call today. 

With proper installation by Xtreme Air Services, cedar fences can last for years and years with little or no maintenance. Make your backyard a private oasis for your family and pets with the privacy and security of residential wood fencing installed by Xtreme Air Services.

Need some ideas and inspiration? Take a look at our photo gallery above to see some of the wood fencing we’ve installed for our customers.

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Are you in need of a new wooden fence for your home? WE CAN HELP!

  • We provide FREE estimates for fence replacements. If you want to replace your fence, or update your fence then we are the people to call. Several options will be provided to you depending on your needs. Western Red Cedar, Everwood/China Cedar, Treated Pine, or Spruce/White Wood is all options that we can provide you. Wooden fences provide home owners with more privacy than other fences can offer and are great for residential areas.
  • Western Red Cedar is top of the line wood that someone can use to build a fence. These fences are known for longevity and can easily last up to 25 years because they tend to not bow or warp over time no matter the temperature or humidity it may face. Typically this fence goes good with a rustic theme because of the color and style of the wood. Another perk is that the woods smell is unattractive to insects and will repel them.
  • Everwood/China Wood is very similar to Western Red Cedar, but it does not last quite as long. However, this is a good choice for homeowners who may need a more cost-effective fence but are still looking for high quality wood. This is the perfect wood for your new fence!
  • Treated Pine is a great choice for all of our green homeowners who desire non-toxic and environment friendly wooden fence! Because of the way it is made it prolongs the life of your fence and it is even an economical choice!
  • Spruce/ White Wood is the best priced wooden fence option. Fortunately, it is still a good quality fence that can be offered to homeowners on a budget.  

If You Want The Highest Rated and Most Trusted Home Services Contractor in DFW to Give You The Best Deal On A Wood Fence Repair or Replacement, Call Xtreme Air Services Today.

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