Tree Damage

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Tree damage to roofs generally occurs in one of two ways:

  1. Branches or Trees Falling on the Roof

The most common cause of tree damage to a roof is because of wind or a storm breaking branches that hang above or near the roof line. This type of damage occurs quickly and depending on the size of the branch, can cause huge problems for the homeowner.

  1. Untrimmed Tree Grows Into The Roof Over Time

If left untrimmed and unchecked, trees growing in close proximity to your home can become a problem over time. Tree limbs or tree trunks can slowly grow into or even through your roof, causing damage slowly over several years.

How Xtreme Air Services Can Help

Xtreme Air Services has seen it all. From small damage to complete roof replacement, our roofing technicians are armed to the teeth with the knowledge, the experience, and the tools needed in order to take care of your tree damage related problems. Since our business was first founded in 2010, we have strived to make each job more precise and complete than the last one. We settle for nothing less than the best.

Your project with Xtreme Air Services begins with a free estimate of your project. In that estimate, we will assess the extent of the damage, the time necessary to repair the roof, and what the overall strategy will be. We want our roofing work to stand out and stand up to the harsh elements. If there are any flaws in the workmanship of the materials outside of a disaster, we will hold ourselves responsible.

Tree damage is a costly disaster. According to the Washington Post, just removing a tree from a roof could cost up to $10,000. When you are dealing with expensive repairs like that, you need to spend your money where it counts. Count on Xtreme Air Services to get your roof repaired for good.

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