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Roof Replacement

roof replacement

Roofing Services

Roof Replacement

Xtreme Air Services can provide you with excellent roof replacement for this Xtreme Texas weather wear and tear that happens over time!

Unfortunately, roofs do not last forever because they are not designed that way. Roofs take a tremendous beating from the weather considering the location of your home. Heat from the Texas sun, brutal winds, large hail, and pounding rain all play a role in why your shingles can become loose and disappear over time. What needs to be decided is, if you can repair it or if you should go ahead and replace your roof. Depending on the damage, it could be best to just replace your roof due to the cost of repairs. If there are more parts of your roof that are damaged, then it may not be worth the investment to repair. Especially considering that you may have to continue to hassle with minor repairs over the next few years until you have no choice other than to replace the entire roof. Not only that but when you start to do patch jobs to your roof the appearance of your home could look bad with different shingles.

A roof replacement can make an old house look brand new! Not to mention, when roofs become old and worn, it may be necessary as a preventative method. Roofs protect your home from water, high winds and hail, as well as our unforgiving Sun. If water comes through a damaged roof and you are unaware then damage can build up over time and cost you more than you ever anticipated.

No matter your choice, roof repair and roof replacements can all be handled at Xtreme Air Services. Call us today for your free estimate on roof replacement at (972) 288-2263!

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