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Your roof is a hard worker. Your roof withstands freezing cold temperatures, scorching hot sun, rain, ice, snow, high wind, sleet, hail, birds, debris, and more. With all of these potential harms, it’s no surprise to say that you may need roof repair Dallas Tx.

Xtreme Air Services is all too aware of that. Our company has been the leader in DFW area roof repair since 2010. Because we’ve been around so long, we’ve seen almost everything, and we know how to fix it.

Most roofs are built to last but they do occasionally need repair. Shingle and tile roofs can be damaged by severe storms and weaken as they age. In many cases, repair can be as easy as replacing a few shingles or tiles and a portion of the underlayment. Shingle roofs are replaced more often than slate or tile roofs so in many cases, the underlayment is in good condition and only a few shingles need to be repaired. Tile or slate roofs can have failing underlayment, fasteners or flashing while the tiles are still in great shape so repairs can be more extensive. Since tiles are more durable, they can often be reused mixed in with a small percentage of new tiles

Many homeowners are tempted to repair minor damage to roofs themselves. But DIY roof repair can be dangerous and may not solve the issue. Walking or leaning over the edge of a roof is risky, especially if the weather is poor. A professional can get the job done safely and quickly. In most cases, simple repairs are inexpensive and a skilled contractor can identify any issues. This is especially important in older roofs or for homes that have had numerous leaks and repairs.

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