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Heat Pumps – A heat pump works by moving heat from one place to another. For the DFW area, a heat pump may be the answer to high energy bills. Heat pumps move air instead of generating heat. A heat pump can provide up to 4 times the energy that they consume. This translates into a big savings for you! Trane and Goodman have great heat pumps that are high quality. Call Us Today At (214) 556-2205 start saving!

Furnaces – Gas furnaces will give your home a warm, yet money saving, environment during the winter. Furnaces come in variable speed models that will give you indoor comfort. A properly installed furnace will reduce the operating cost while giving you the comfort you are seeking in your home this winter. Give us a call today for more information about installing a furnace in your home! Like many of our products, you can get a tax credit on the purchase of a furnace.
Call Us Today At (972) 288-2263 start saving! We are dealers for Trane and Goodman furnaces, however, if you have another brand that you prefer, we can get that for you as well!

Indoor Air Quality Management – Indoor air quality refers to the quality of the air in and around buildings. Your HVAC system is a key element of IAQ. Ventilation available in a building or home is very important to maintaining good air quality. People can experience health issues such as headaches, and irritation of the eyes, throat, etc. The right amount of ventilation is key to maintaining good IAQ for your family. Call Us Today At (214) 556-2205 start saving! Check out what is available from Trane and Goodman to help with your indoor air quality.

Air Conditioners – Air conditioning units are categorized into two groups, one being split system air conditioning and the other is self-contained air-conditioning units. A split system consists of a condensing unit, an indoor air handling unit, or gas furnace with an evaporator coil. Most home residencies have a split system. Different terminology used for an AC unit or an outdoor air conditioner is what most people call the outside condensing unit. The indoor section can be a self-contained blower evaporator coil unit such as an above the tub or also called a fur down unit. Let our trained technicians help you decide which AC unit you need for your home to provide the best efficiency for your home. Save on your energy bills by replacing your old system with a new energy efficient air conditioner. Some people have saved up to 50% after changing to a new system. Call us today for air conditioning installation!

We are dealers for Trane and Goodman air conditioners.

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