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New Construction

Xtreme Air Services brings reliable, honest work to the table and has a stable commercial construction department that you can depend on for your company!

While choosing an HVAC company to start your commercial construction job there are a few things that should be considered:

  • Are they reliable?
  • Are they available?
  • Do they have their employees coming out to your place of business?
  • Are they well versed in their industry?

Ask yourself these questions and make sure that the company you decide to call can instill trust of their work for you. Reliability is something that is crucial to your company because if the contractor cannot be reliable to you, then how will you be reliable to your customers and employees comfortability. Xtreme Air Services has people and processes in order to guarantee that our work is done right. Availability is something we can back up as well because we answer our phones 24/7 no matter the time, day, or if it a holiday. Sub-contractors can cause issues because now there is room for error in the first two questions; are they reliable and are they available? Our employees are just that; Xtreme Air Services employees. So, when we promise reliability and availability you can rest assured that our employees uphold those standards. Lastly, we are well versed in our industry and have experience with many different people and many different buildings.

Take a look below at the type of options we can give you as well as the types of buildings that we can service, install, or redo for you:


When you choose Xtreme Air Services you are choosing to have work done right. Service techs when needed, installers to do the work, super intendants on job sites and estimators for questions you may have are at your fingertips when you choose us! Not only that, but we have a mechanical engineer that can get all the technicalities for you.

Do not wait to start your project, Xtreme Air Services can start your commercial construction HVAC job the right way! Call Today at (214) 556-2205!

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