Lighting Renovations & Restorations

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A complete restoration or renovation of your home or business can put more control at your fingertips and more money in your pockets. Our team of electricians have the skills to improve your light management, upgrade your lighting system, or redesign your light scheme from start to finish.

Why do I need a light renovation or restoration?

A lighting system renovation is a complete overhaul of your house or business’s lighting system. Xtreme Air Electrical Service can improve the lighting aesthetic of your home while installing energy efficient lights and ballasts to help you save money. A complete lighting renovation will pay for itself with the savings it provides. You’ll save money through:

  • Utility Rebates
  • Tax Credits
  • Lower Maintenance Costs
  • Longer Lamp Life
  • Lower Energy Consumption

You’ll help the environment through:

  • Less Waste
  • Energy Conservation
  • Lower Carbon Dioxide Output

A lighting system restoration is a rebuild of your current lighting system. Our experts at Xtreme Air Electrical Service will find the closest matches to your current lighting system hardware and accessories. We’ll analyze your system and find places for you to save money without compromising the integrity of the system you already have.

What happens during a renovation and restoration?

Bryant Electric Service has specialists in both the residential and commercial lighting fields. Each has its own set of lighting needs that our electricians will address individually.


For your home, we provide:

Lighting Management

We can install new switches with powerful features that put you in fine control of your lighting. Enjoy the convenience of dials, panel switches, and more.

Replacement/ Upgrade

Our experts will renew your existing lighting or upgrade it to more powerful, energy efficient lighting.


We’ll show you how to maximize your lighting potential with a total revamp of your lighting system.


For your business, we can:


Let us handle the tough detailed job of changing out your lamps and refreshing your ballasts.


Get outfitted with new, powerful, energy-efficient lights that increase productivity while decreasing costs.

Lighting Management

Add new controls to your business’s existing lighting system. Install occupancy sensors, allow dimming, and improve daylight controls to cut costs.

If you think your home or business might need a lighting renovation, call Xtreme Air Electrical Service and learn what we can do for you!

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