Indoor Air Quality

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Air Purification

Gases and dust particles are in the air in your home when they do not have to be! Call Xtreme Air Services for expert help in keeping your air clean and your home free of unwanted bacteria at (214) 556-2205!

Air quality is such an important factor for everybody, not only outside, but inside your home too! News channels will tell you every day about air pollution outside and even though you cannot change that, you can help what you are breathing in inside your home. There are certain things you can have installed into your home that will help you with the air quality in your home such as air ducts, air purification, air filtration, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers. Each of these aspects can help you in the long run with health issues because you are breathing in pollution that is in your home, not just outside. With lack of proper ventilation, high temperatures, and humidity levels you are bound to have unclean air!

Pollutants that are common in your home: 

  • Pet dander
  • Dust mites
  • Natural debris
  • Natural compounds
    • Cleaning supplies, air fresheners, insecticides, paint chemicals, and other carious things that you do not expect to cause your home to have dirty air.
  • Pollutants
    • Carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, particles, and sulfur dioxide, all of which come from improper ventilation or other various things.

There are a few things Xtreme Air Services comfort consultants can help you with to improve your indoor air quality whether it is with more air flow and proper ventilation, adjusting humidity levels, or adding things that specifically purify the air indoors.

Xtreme Air Services can help you with breathing better and help reduce your allergies! Give us a call today to receive all options on air duct work, air purification, dehumidifiers, as well as humidifiers.