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Heating Maintenance

Xtreme Air Services offers Preventative Heating Maintenance Plans suited for all of our customer’s needs. Once a year, our Xtreme Air Services technicians will come out to your home to perform a precision heating tune up and inspect for full functionality. The components of your heating system that will be checked are:

Check thermostat, level, and calibrate.

If a thermostat is not leveled and calibrated then the result can be a room not warming properly. An example would be the room warming to only 68 degrees when the thermostat is set at 72.

Check furnace filter, clean or replace

Without a clean filter a system will eventually get clogged up and the airflow will not be coming through properly, not warming your house as intended.

Check low voltage wiring connections.

If this is not functioning properly then it can lead to a busted transformer. As a result, it will lead to more repairs that could have been avoided.

Check line voltage wiring connections.

Improper line voltage connections can lead to overheating of the system, which will cause a shorter life span of the unit as well as causing the unit to loose efficiency.

Check ground on furnace.

This ensures proper polarity of your heating system to the gas valve, which controls the gas flow of the furnace which will cause the unit to stop functioning.

Check igniter

The ignitor makes sure that the heating unit will fire up properly, otherwise it will intermittently start.

Check burner box for rust, corrosion or soot.

Years of use can cause your unit to rust, corrode, or build up soot. If there is too much of these things then the unit can start to feel the effects and spring a carbon monoxide leak which is very dangerous for your family.

Check for carbon monoxide.

If there is carbon monoxide in your home this presents a grave danger for your family. This type of gas is colorless and odorless and impossible to detect without the proper tools that our trained professionals have with them when they come for your preventative maintenance appointment. We will ensure that there is no gas leaking from your system and it is safe to turn on.

Check ignition and combustion of burners.

This particular part transfers heat throughout the home and without the heat will not flow properly.

Check flame sensor.

This ensures the fire is burning when the gas valve is on. The system will shut off and idle without this part working.

Check operation of inducer motor assembly.

This provides positive air pressure to the fire. Without this you can have a flame-out situation which could cause damage to your home as well as jeopardize the safety of your family.

Check all limit and safety switches.

These switches certify that the unit is functioning within proper temperature range to prevent overheating and fires.

Check blower motor and assembly.

This is the heart and soul of your complete HVAC system. This runs year round with heating and cooling any vibration can cause severe damage to your unit.

Check amperage of blower motor.

This is continuing a check of the blower motor, which is a crucial part of the HVAC unit. The amperage describes how much electricity the motor is using. This plays a key role in the energy efficiency of your unit.

Check condition of condensate line trap.

This provided proper drainage of your HVAC unit. Without a properly installed condensate line trap there can be massive amounts of water damage to your home.

Check venting system.

This provided the unit with proper venting of the gases that come out of the heating system. Depending on the gas, if this is not expelled correctly, the consequences can be detrimental.

Check burner alignment.

The alignment of the burners is crucial to proper heating of the heat exchanger which in turn heats the home. Without this, the unit will expend more gas, decreasing the efficiency.

Check and adjust temperature rise (low/high fire).

This is the difference in temperature from the entrance of the air to the exit of the air for a furnace. This will again lower the efficiency of the heating system as well as shorten the life of the unit.

Check accessories (air cleaners, humidifiers, UV lights).

If your accessories are not functioning the way that they should be it can cause discomfort in your home by too much humidity as well as too much dust particles causing allergies.

Check duct system.

The duct system affects the whole HVAC unit dispersing air throughout the home. If this is not sealed properly than you can lose a tremendous amount of efficiency by heating unnecessary spaces in your home such as your attic or underneath your home depending on the location of your duct work.

Check breaker size for electric heat.

This is something that is often overlooked when installing an air handler resulting in a dangerous situation caused by over amping where the unit will pull more electricity than the breaker is ready for resulting in tripped breakers, hot breakers, and possible fire.


Check (Freon) super heat and sub cool

We check the refrigerant levels to make sure that the proper amount is in the unit. Improper Freon charge is a leading contributor to efficiency issues in all HVAC systems. An EPA study shows that 2/3 of all refrigerant systems are improperly charged.

Wash heat pump coil

This provided proper air flow through the outside unit so that your heat pump can properly pull the cool air from your home. If this is not washed it will run extremely high pressure and possibly cause massive amounts of damage to your refrigerant system.

Check defrost board and electrical

This provides proper functionality of the heat pump to defrost the outside unit so that is does not freeze up on the cold winter nights and shut your system off.

All of these points play an important role in the function of your heating system and they function together, so if one part is not working then the others will struggle. This is why it is so important to maintain your heating system and why we offer a preventative maintenance agreement.

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Bonded and Insured

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