21 Point Checklist

Air Conditioner Repair

21 Point Services

  • 21 Point Check List
  • HEAT PUMP SYSTEM Check list


1. Check thermostat, level, and calibrate.
2. Check furnace filter, clean or replace
3. Check low voltage wiring connections.
4. Check line voltage wiring connections.
5. Check ground on furnace.
6. Check igniter
7. Check burner box for rust, corrosion or soot.
8. Check for carbon monoxide.
9. Check ignition and combustion of burners.
10. Check flame sensor.
11. Check operation of inducer motor assembly.
12. Check all limit and safety switches.
13. Check blower motor and assembly.
14. Check amperage of blower motor.
15. Check condition of condensate line trap.
16. Check venting system.
17. Check burner alignment.
18. Check and adjust temperature rise (low/high fire).
19. Check accessories (air cleaners, humidifires, UV lights).
20. Check duct system.
21. Check breaker size for electric heat.

Heat Pump System (will also include)

22. Check (freon) super heat and sub cool.
23. Wash heat pump coil.
24. Check defrost board and electrical.