Are you in need of a reliable and honest HVAC company to complete a heating repair in Dallas, TX?

Xtreme Air Services in a trustworthy HVAC company and we are the company to call if you are in need of any furnace, heat pump, or electrical heating system repairs or installs. There are several ways to heat your home and the method you select is important when looking into replacement of your heater. There are several things to consider when choosing a system, such as, efficiency of the heat source, cost of operation, and the age of your current system.

Xtreme Air Services can guide you through the process of selecting a heating system that will fit your needs as well as your family. Just like your cooling system can save you money through energy efficiency, so can your heating system! Let us help you pick the system that will best serve your family’s needs.

There are several types of heating systems. There is the heat pump system, electrical, gas, propane, and geo-thermal. All of these systems serve different purposes in your home whether it be for saving money on your electrical bill, getting a tax write off, or maybe because of your budget you need a cheaper initial investment. We can analyze your current heating system and let you know how a new energy efficient system would work to save you energy cost, so give us a call today and start your savings with a new energy efficient heating system. No matter what you need financially, we can help get your home warm in the cold winter months again! Do not let a untimely heating repair make you and your family uncomfortable. Call the Xtreme Air Services experts and either schedule your service call for repairs or a FREE estimate on replacement of your heating system.


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The % Of Home Heating Fires Started By Space Heaters

According to the National Fire Protection Association 43% of home fires are started by space heaters. Xtreme Air Services has flexible financing options to ensure you can afford a new furnace installation so your family can be warm, but most importantly safe. Below is one of the few financing options we offer for our customers. If you do not get approved for regular financing, then DO NOT WORRY! We have second chance financing too! 


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