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Evaporator Coils

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Evaporator coils are a very important piece of equipment as it plays a major part cooling your home. The evaporator coil transfers heat to the coils to turn the refrigerant into a gas in order to cool the air. As a result, the heat is being transferred and converted to a gas, it allows the heat and humidity to be removed from the home in order to cool your home efficiently. It is important to regularly inspect your unit checked for grime that has built up or debris. If these things are covering the equipment it can make it very difficult for the coil to heat properly.

The evaporator coil has such an important role in keeping your home comfortable so it is vital that if you have any issues with your HVAC you call the comfort specialist at Xtreme Air Services and have them diagnose your unit. They can tell you if it needs to be cleaned or needs to be replaced.  Schedule a FREE in home estimate with our estimators. They will give you all of your options on the types of units that will best suit you and your home. We are Trane certified and can professionally install high efficiency HVAC units to help with your electric bills! No matter what you need, our company will give you all of your options and make sure that your home is comfortable!

Xtreme Air Services has fast and reliable customer service to ensure our customer's comfort and happiness!

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