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Ductless Mini Splits

If you are in need of something non-traditional to cool an area in your home you may need to call our office and set up an appointment for a FREE in home estimate on ductless mini splits!

Some homes in the DFW area are in need of cooling for a specific area in their home, such as a garage, or they do not have duct work, or maybe there home is not compatible with a central heating and air conditioner. If you fall into any of these categories then ductless mini splits may be the answer you have been searching for! The way ductless mini splits functions is with 2 major pieces of equipment: the condenser and air handler. The simplicity of this allows the unit to work without ductwork, which in turn helps save energy as well due to the lack of air leaks through ductwork. Utility bills will drop down significantly with the reduced energy usage when your ductless mini splits are installed. Not only that, they can cool more than one area with more than one thermostat to bring each area to the desired temperature. This allows us to offer flexibility to our customers in a new way by directly sending air to different zones. Also, ductless mini splits are significantly safer than a window unit which provides an opening for trespassers into your unlocked home. The installation processes it fairly fast and simple and should not put you out of your home waiting for your installation to be complete for the majority of the day. Lastly, the air quality is better. Due to the fact that there is no duct required for ductless mini splits, the dust build up is considerably less. Xtreme Air Services will be able to help you with installation of your new ductless mini splits into your home whether you are wanting to cool the majority of your home, or just certain parts of your home that your central AC is not able to reach.

Xtreme Air Services can service all makes and models and will take care of all you HVAC needs no matter if it is a small repair or large, a tune-up, or installation of a new system. Call your comfort specialist today to schedule your appointment at (214) 556-2205 for a free estimate on ductless mini splits!