Award Winning Residential & Commercial Dallas Electrician

Highest Rated and Most Trusted Dallas Electrician

Our team of Dallas electrician(s) look over each project that requires electrical work. They oversee the safety and the implementation of the project. Xtreme Air Service works with the best Dallas electrician(s) in the business. Each one of them has, at minimum, 10 years of experience under their belt before they come to work with us. We are proud to feature.

In addition to single family residential services and multi-unit residential housing we are also experienced with commercial electrical services.  The electrical services we provide include safety inspections and repairs, replacing old aluminum wiring with high grade copper, interior lighting, landscape lighting and exterior security lighting, ceiling fan installation, hot tub and sauna hookups, appliance wiring, breaker panel upgrades and trouble shooting.

For your security, every electrician at Xtreme Air Service is required to stay up-to-date with current electrical laws and codes…

telephone and contemporary communications wiring, installations of ceiling fans and attic fans, surge protection devices, ground fault interrupters, emergency backup generators, complete wiring in remodels, restorations, and additions, and full-service work for new construction. Regardless of your residential electrical needs, every electrician arriving on your job site will be skilled, experienced, licensed and equipped to install high quality products with high quality workmanship.

As an established business in North Texas, we are committed to building strong relationships with every customer we serve. We are proud of the work we do, and we want everyone we serve to feel confident in the work we do. Please let us know if you would like us to inspect a building you recently purchased or provide a bid for some electrical work you need. We believe you’ll find our rates are competitive with other local contractors and are confident you’ll be satisfied with the work we provide.