Commercial Metal Snap Loc and Double Lok Roofing

Commercial Metal Snap Loc and Double Lok Roofing 1280x550

Xtreme Air Services specializes in commercial Snap-Loc and Double-Lok roofing installations in the Dallas / Ft Worth, Texas area.

A Snap-Loc or Double-Lok commercial roofing panel system is ideal for industrial, commercial and architectural applications.  Both applications utilize a concealed clip fastening system and can be installed over open framing, making it a great choice for steel structures. A full line of trim and accessories are also available.

Read below for more information on how Xtreme Air Services can assist with both the Snap-Loc and Double-Lok roofing systems for commercial buildings.

Snap-Loc Roofing Features

Commercial Metal Snap Loc and Double Lok Roofing

Panel Coverage: 24″

Rib Height: 3″

Rib Features: Trapezoidal Rib

Standard Gauge(s): 24 ga.

Optional Gauge(s): 22 ga.

As a Structural Standing Seam panel, Snap-Loc 24 delivers a clean, linear elegance paired with unmatched quality for a dependable, long-lasting, and beautiful roof. Structural Standing Seam roof systems are ideal for lower sloping and longer spanning roofs, or where extreme temperature variations exist.

Available Substrate(s): Open FramingSolid Substrate

Fastener(s): Standing Seam RoofConcealed Fastened

Standard Finish(es): PVDF (Kynar 500®)Acrylic Coated Galvalume®

Minimum Slope Requirement: 1/4:12

Other Notes: 

  • Concealed clip designed for thermal movement
  • Contact Metal Sales for load-carrying capabilities

Double-Lok Roofing Features


Double-Lok® panels are available in 18-inch and 24-inch widths. The Double-Lok® roof panel is a mechanically field-seamed, trapezoidal leg standing seam roof system. Double-Lok® requires a minimum slope of ¼:12 and is UL-90 and FM rated.

Double-Lok® Retrofit – If you’re looking to upgrade your roof to a standing seam, then installing our Double-Lok® roof panel over your existing R panel roof without the need for sub-framing is an excellent choice. Installing a Double-Lok® trapezoidal standing seam over an existing R panel roof allows for an upgrade to a high performance, long-lasting roof while preserving the diaphragm and purlin stability provided by the existing R panel roof.

There are two options to increase energy efficiency when using the Double-Lok® panel over an existing R panel. The first is adding two-inch unfaced fiberglass insulation between the existing R panel and the new Double-Lok® panel. The second is to vent the cavity between the old and new roofs by adding a vent strip at the eave to allow air intake and a vented ridge to provide for air exhaust. This method works well with roof slopes of 3:12 or greater.

When choosing the Double-Lok® option, high clips are used to provide clearance between it and the major ribs of the existing R panel.

  • Coverage Width – 18″, 24″
  • Minimum Slope – 1/4:12
  • Panel Attachment – Concealed Fastening System; Low, High and 2″ Stand Off Sliding Clips
  • Gauge – 22 and 24
  • Finishes – Smooth (standard); Embossed (optional)
  • Coatings – Galvalume Plus®, Signature® 200, Signature® 300, Signature® 300 Metallic
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