Commercial GE Coating Roofing Systems

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Xtreme Air Services specializes in commercial GE Coatings Roofing installations in the Dallas / Fort Worth Area.

We are proud to offer our commercial clients the GE (General Electric) silicone roof restoration systems.  This solution is a seamless, stable and energy-efficient coating that can dramatically extend roof life expectancy, delaying the need for a costly, time-consuming replacement project.

Read below for more information on how Xtreme Air Services can assist with the GE Coatings roofing systems for commercial buildings.

Silicone remains stable, flexible and virtually unaffected by daily and seasonal temperature extremes. It will not become brittle or harden as the system ages. The GE Enduris system provides exceptional, long-term performance.

  • Ponding water

While acrylic coatings tend to fail at the seams, penetrations and edges, especially where water ponds, Enduris coatings stand up to ponding water.

  • Life cycle cost

Primerless, single-coat application brings efficiency and cost savings to the installation process. Long-term durability promotes a lower total life cycle cost.

  • Energy savings

Energy savings versus a black roof can be as great as 35% on summer cooling costs. GE Enduris coatings offer excellent color retention and reflectivity with a silicone polymer that is UV stable.

  • Full compatibility

Using only 100% silicone components that are chemically and adhesively compatible, Enduris helps prevent water leakage, mold/mildew, wood rot and metal rust.

  • Best-in-class elongation

By remaining flexible with daily and seasonal temperatures throughout the life of the building, this system offers best-in-class elongation, both initially and after decades of exposure.

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Commercial GE Coating Roofing Systems
Commercial GE Coating Roofing Systems
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