Air Conditioning Tune-Up

Air Conditioning Tune-Up

Air Conditioning Services

Some customers experience up to 50% savings on energy cost when they install an energy efficient system. Let Xtreme Air Services help you select the right unit that will give you maximum savings on your energy bill.  Don’t forget to make sure your home’s windows, doors, and insulation are not causing potential leaks that can cause your energy bills to be more than they need to be especially during peak air conditioning usage season.

Xtreme Air Services is a dealer for Trane and Goodman Air Conditioners. Today’s air conditioners are more reliable, efficient, and comfortable than ever. When you install a new efficient air conditioning system you will be able to keep your home comfortable even on the hottest days of the year. In addition, you will also enjoy lower energy cost as a bonus! Our dealers also offer some of the best warranties in the business.

In order to prolong the life of your unit you need to get a regular air conditioning tune-up on your air conditioner every spring to make sure that when you turn it on in the summer it is functioning properly and you will not have to wait one second for your cold air because you know it is ready to turn on. This is especially important for people who have young children in the home or elderly people.

When we go to your home to inspect your AC unit these are the things we will be checking:


  • We tighten loose wires that can cause shorts cycling and check the temperature display accuracy.

System Efficiency / Split Temp

  • We measure temperature differential across the evaporator coil.

Freon Level

  • We ensure adequate Freon levels.

Air Filter

  • We will replace the air filter if you have any available.

Air Duct

  • We check for air leakage and cleanliness inside the ductwork. A cool attic is a sure sign of duct leakage.


  • We tighten the box connection and check for metal fatigue and electrical overheating (bluish-green discoloration).

Condensate Drain

  • We check for drain debris and blockage, and look for key signs of drain overflow (rust or stains).

Air Distribution

  • We check airflow and inspect areas where homeowners are experiencing temperature discomfort.


  • We check the elbow or duct transitions for leakage caused by system vibration or poor installation materials.

Evaporation Coil

  • We check for bacteria build-up and galvanic corrosion. Dirty coils reduce efficiency and decrease air quality.

Run Capacitors

  • We test all caps for proper signs of leakage or bulging.

Start Kit / Relays / Transformers

  • We check for loose wiring and measure electric amps for abnormal spikes.

Condenser Coil

  • We wash out the coil and examine it for straightness. We also take outside split temperatures.


  • We test amp draw and compare it to max data plate. We tighten loose wires at terminal.

Safety Controls

  • We check all panel switches and pressure controls to ensure they are functioning properly.


  • We check for bad or swollen fuses. We also make sure the fuse box is safe from rain and safe around children.

Condenser Motor

  • We check the amp draw and compare it to the max rating. We also oil the motor and check the bearing.

Blower Motor

  • Same as condenser motor check, along with blower wheel inspection and checking for bacteria build-up.


  • We ensure all internal unit installation is secure. We also check suction-like insulation


  • We look out for worn or pilled points and check for discoloration or severely burnt wires