Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance

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Xtreme Air Services offers air conditioning preventative maintenance agreements to our customers to offer peace of mind when their HVAC unit goes out.

With our air conditioning preventative maintenance agreements you are guaranteed these things: 

  • Priority scheduling when you call
  • Spring preventative maintenance precision tune up
  • Fall preventative maintenance precision tune up
  • Discounts on your repairs
  • Coupons specially for our maintenance customers
  • Extended warranties
  • Flat rate pricing no matter how many systems you have!

Comfort specialist can help you when you are making sure that you are taking care of your air conditioning unit, it will take care of you and your home! To say the least, an HVAC unit is very similar to anything that needs regular air conditioning preventative maintenance. Just like your car needs oil, your HVAC unit needs to be inspected with changed filters. Below we are going to discuss some functions that we inspect during our air conditioning preventative maintenance, importance of checking equipment, as well as affects that can occur if a problem is not caught early enough and damages that can happen.

Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance:


  • An Xtreme Air Services technician will ensure a proper working thermostat. Consequently, without your thermostat being checked yearly you may experience electrical damage which in turn could result in unit failure.

System Efficiency / Split Temp

  • Trained professionals will check this in order to assure that you have maximum comfort in your home. Temperature differentials can determine your air conditioners health essentially.

Freon Level

  • Inadequate Freon levels your unit will not maintain comfort in your home. In conclusion, this will cause higher electric bills, and can cut life expectancy of your unit down.

Air Filter

  • In your home if filters are not changed frequently then dirty filters can cause more allergies. As a result, evaporator coils may build up dust and debris, shortening the life expectancy.

Air Duct

  • Essentially, air distribution is important for maintaining same temperature in each room. Most of all, properly sized ducts can help with unit efficiency and if ducts are improper this can cause premature failure and excessive utility bills.


  • Employees from Xtreme Air Services will make sure this is in place to make sure the right amount of power from your home to your AC unit.

Condensate Drain

  • Condensate drain lines are an essential part of your AC that protects your unit from causing property damage to your home. So, if this is not checked regularly, you could have malfunctions.

Air Distribution

  • Without proper air distribution certain rooms in your home may not get the right temperature you or your family desires. However, our technician can give you options for proper air distribution.


  • Ultimately, plenums function by pulling old air out and sending new air in through supply and return plenums. At the end of the day plenums have to be working properly to ensure that your AC is functioning to its fullest ability.

Evaporation Coil

  • Certified professionals must check evaporator coils due to the fact that this is a huge piece of your HVAC unit. When this is not working, consequently, your whole unit will not be cooling. Not only that, but if it is mismatched then the efficiency will suffer.

Run Capacitors

  • Capacitors have a life span, as well as exceeding temperature designs, possible motor failure, or the voltage for the unit can affect a run capacitor. This is why a licensed technician should check run capacitors yearly.

Start Kit / Relays / Transformers

  • Start kits, relays, and transformers are electrical components that must be checked yearly in order to ensure that your unit is running at maximum efficiency.

Condenser Coil

  • Another major piece of equipment in the AC which cycles the refrigerant in order to dissipate heat from the compressor is the condenser coil. Licensed technicians need to maintain the unit or the AC will not run properly.


  • Compressors cycle the refrigerant through the system and if not maintained the unit will not cool/heat to comfort.

Safety Controls

  • Safety controls are used to turn off the unit when it starts to malfunction at unsafe operation. Controls need to be intact and inspected to keep your home as safe as possible.


  • Fuses are another safety feature that keeps major electrical components safe from electrical surges.

Condenser Motor

  • Condenser motors will dissipate heat from the condensing unit helping the unit to not overheat.

Blower Motor

  • Functionality of a blower motor moves air across the coil and through your house allowing the air to provide comfort in your home.


  • Unfortunately, without proper insulation your home may not be able to cool the house as you would like or heat the house as you would like. Also, this has a major part to do with energy efficiency and saving you money on your electric bills.


  • Contactors are a communication control between the thermostat and the unit and annually needs to be checked in order for your unit to run properly.

As you can see, all of the things that will be checked yearly in your air conditioning preventative maintenance and play an important role for your AC unit to work properly and efficiently.

Call our office today at (214) 556-2205 to set up your air conditioning preventative maintenance agreement, get twice yearly tune-ups, discounts on repairs, priority scheduling, and coupons just for you!